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Telehealth Services

At Siskin Children’s Institute, we now offer medical services via telehealth technology solutions. Our medical team is utilizing virtual video and audio platforms to complete new patient evaluations as well as follow up appointments. 

This is especially important during this time and allows families to proceed with evaluations and treatments without the concern of contracting or transmitting COVID-19.

Our referral process remains the same. Parents must first contact the primary provider for a referral and our processing procedures remain the same. Once the referral is received an individualized family intake specialist will contact you, help you navigate our intake process, and answer any questions you may have. The intake specialists assigned to your referral will also help with any needed paperwork and help connect you with additional resources.

What does a telehealth evaluation look like?

During a new patient evaluation, the provider will watch the child playing and behaving in their natural environment which is uniquely beneficial compared to an in-office visit. The provider often request that parents collect certain toys (such as bubbles, cars, stuffed animals, dolls or blocks) and engage with the child in a specific type of play or social interaction scenario during the telehealth appointment. Parents will also be asked to provide a detailed history of the child's behaviors, the same as during a typical medical visit. The results obtained from this type of evaluation process is the same as in the office setting. Occasionally additional information will need to be obtained with additional testing that will be done when the office reopens, but diagnoses continue to be provided and a treatment plan developed.

Parents are enjoying this service the providers are able to provide so that the families can remain home and not expose themselves or the child to others during this time of a pandemic.  Parents are also appreciative of the telehealth option so they can continue along in the process of their child's evaluation without any delays.  Of course, if a family prefers an in-office visit, their evaluation can be scheduled for a time when we return to the office.  

The referral process remains the same.  Parents contact their PCP's for a referral and we're processing it as usual.  We have full access to all document handling outside the office setting the same as we do in the office so there's no delay in the processing of the referral when it comes in.

What families are saying about our telehealth services.

"During the Covid-19 closure of Siskin it was a difficult transition for everyone. One of my biggest worries was how I would continue to support my developmentally delayed toddler from home. She had begun to really excel in her process and I was concerned she would lose the progress she had made while being at home without her therapist supports. However, we have been fortunate to participate in telehealth during this time which has served as a great support system for me to ask questions to her therapists about how I can continue to support their work and progress with my child from home. We continue to see progress, and I am thankful for the telehealth option." – Carrie Willmore