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Finding BalancE: screen time 

technology smart parenting

Technology is often interesting and exciting, however, when kids use it too much and inappropriately, it can get in the way of healthy child development. Are you worried that your kids use technology too much? Are you concerned that cell phones, tablets, and video games are decreasing your children’s positive behaviors and communication skills?

Come and learn how to manage and encourage healthy use of technology by children.  


This workshop is will empower parents to: 

  • Know how technology affects child social, emotional, and physical development 
  • Learn how to handle technology for different age groups 
  • Obtain practical skills for managing children’s use of technology
  • Obtain skills to encourage positive engagement with children

* Workshop will be held at Siskin Children's Institute. This is a single session workshop, held multiple times over the summer. 

Dates offered:

June 3; 9am- 12pm
June 17; 9am-12pm
July 1; 9am-12pm
July 15; 9am-12pm

COST: $25 per family

How to REgister:

To learn more and
 register, email Charity Somo.