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Siskin Children’s Institute Early Learning Center kidsSpread the Love Campaign. 
All money raised will directly benefit the preschool environments of Thailand. 

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Siskin Children’s Institute Early Learning Center (ELC) is pleased to announce the Spread the Love campaign. Former employees of the Institute, Mike and Teletha McJunkin, recently moved to Thailand and have been volunteering with an agency that works with Burmese refugees and migrants. The agency began an initiative called, “The Library Project? to raise awareness and support that directly helps to provide books and toys and materials to the young children in the refugee camps.The refugee camps are empty buildings that serve as a place for children to “wait? for their parents to return from work in the fields. These camps sites are completely bare with no books, no materials and no furnishings. The children just sit on the floors with nothing to stimulate their imagination, nothing to promote creativity and no toys or soft materials with which to play.During the month of February the SCI children are working on a special initiative to generate support for their “new? friends in Thailand. The children designed and created special valentine cards and art work to sell. The children were “assisted? by the teaching staff in dipping 1,000 chocolate covered strawberries along with baked goods to sell to family and friends as special treats. All of this to help their neighbors a half a world away! The children are learning valuable lessons about Thailand, the people, the culture and creating friendships and giving back.“Giving children a chance to help others is how they learn to appreciate what they have. Our Spread the Love campaign is an opportunity for our children to give back.?-said Gayle Coleman, Director of the Siskin Early Learning Center. 

For more information about this special campaign contact:Allison Thompson,