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Lexi's Legacy inspires more Family Stories

Brady's Story

Child by Christmas tree with presents underneath

My husband and I are in the process of adopting a special needs child and we have 5 children of our own. Though my husband makes a living for us and we have a  home, we are up to our ears in medical bills for the baby and legal bills for the adoption. Lexi's Legacy gave us room to breathe this Christmas! I had no idea how we would manage to give all six children a good Christmas this year and, honestly, we had just decided that the adoption was more important and the older kids understood that. But a family sponsored our family and now the kids will have a great Christmas!! They even bought for me and my husband and things we really needed for the house and even some groceries! I felt 100 pounds lifted off of my shoulders as my E.I. and I unloaded her car!! I cannot express how grateful I am to Lexi's Legacy and the family that bought for us... six children's faces will be bright as the sun on Christmas morning thanks to them!! God Bless!  - Misty

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth’s family is 3 children and parents.  The parents are young. The father works at a local furniture factory and the mother stays at home. The children's ages are 4 years, 22 months and 10 months. The factory where the father works closes for 2 weeks at Christmas every year. The family has no income during this time. Their regular income is just enough to pay their bills weekly. Their car recently broke down and they have no money to get the car repaired. The father is dependent on others to get to work and has to pay someone to take him. During this time, the family missed a food stamp appointment and temporarily lost their food stamps due to no transportation. 

The family had absolutely no money for Christmas gifts and not a lot for food. When delivered, the gifts and two large boxes of food along with cleaning supplies, the mother had tears running down her face. She gave our Home Visiting Coordinator a big hug and when our coordinator told her the story of Lexi she just hugged tighter. There were many thanks from the parents and tears and big smiles. This family was beyond touched that someone would do all this for them, and were so appreciative!  She can’t wait to see her children’s faces when they open their gifts on Christmas morning!
This mother had put up her Christmas tree before Halloween, for she wanted everyone to enjoy the tree. It was very hard each week to see this tree without any presents under it. Now there are many presents under the tree, and the whole room has been transformed.