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Early Intervention Professional Training

Why Train with Siskin Children's Institute?

Siskin Children’s Institute’s Home & Community-Based Early  Intervention team, started in 2010, is considered a “model site" in implementing the Routines-Based Home Visiting model. Embedded in evidence-based best practices, our early intervention team provides support-based home visits and family consultation to approximately 250 families in their natural environment. Our team of top notch professionals is committed to providing ongoing educational training opportunities for professionals and organizations in the field of early intervention, routines- based home visiting, challenging behaviors and more. Training can be provided on-site or remotely and be tailored to meet your very specific needs. Staff members regularly speak to small groups and group as large as several hundred.

“This was the best hands-on training I have received, I feel completely prepared to go back and start using what I have learned. 

 - Carolyn, Rhode Island.

“Suddenly it all makes sense now, this has been such a wonderful and eye-opening experience.

- Rosario, Tennessee

Phases of Child Progress


Research has shown again and again that children learn best through random interactions with their environment and other opportunities in everyday life. Parents are their child’s best teachers, and they above all others have the chance to work with their child, throughout the day, every day.  

In order to provide the best learning moments for a child to be successful in, parents or caregivers need to have the competence and confidence to teach their child within naturally occurring routines. The support offered by a developmental therapist in the natural environment can play a vital role in learning how to make the most of what is already happening in the home.

Training TOpics

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Looking for training that is a little more specific or targeted to your specific need? 

No problem – We will work with you to design a custom training program at our facility or yours. 

For more information, call Catherine Millard at 423.648.1761.

Training Tactics