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Siskin Children's Institute promotes disability awareness and teaches acceptance in schools.

For Schools and Teachers
Fear and misconceptions about disabilities can impact the culture of a school. Through Kids Like You, Kids Like Me, a multi-faceted program that celebrates kids with disabilities through exploration and education of the similarities and differences we created a Disability Awareness Curriculum.

This curriculum is aligned with several of the Tennessee State Curriculum Standards for grades Kindergarten through 5th. This curriculum offers over 100 teaching exercises that incorporate disability awareness concepts. Teachers can use this all year long breaking down barriers and fostering friendships between children while teaching the state standards. For more information on the Disability Awareness Curriculum, please contact Julie Mickel at 423.648.1758.

For School Administrators
Area school administrators were recently surveyed on their school training needs. Based on those results, the Kids Like You, Kids Like Me program brings a national speaker to the area to address their needs. Last year's topic was on Bullying Prevention and Intervention in Schools in which we had over 100 school administrators attend. Bullying continues to be in the media spotlight and a huge problem in schools. We are excited to announce that the 2011 Kids Like You, Kids Like Me Administrator Training will continue with the topic bullying. Please check back for more details.

Disability Awareness Resources