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We believe that every moment should be a teaching opportunity and that every day is a celebration of each child's strengths, abilities and accomplishments.

We believe that children of all abilities are unique and capable learners benefiting from exploration within a predictable, loving and safe environment.

We believe that the family is a child's first teacher and that collaboration, respect and family involvement in the team approach to early education are paramount.

We believe that a positive and accepting learning environment supports each child's social, emotional, physical, motor, language and cognitive development.

We believe that children of all abilities grow and develop to their full potential by having the opportunity to engage in developmentally appropriate activities, being exposed to multiple instructional approaches, interacting with peers and developing relationships with caring adults.

We believe that community collaboration, resources and partnerships provide valuable awareness, educational, and outreach opportunities to support children, families, and professionals.

We believe that interaction with children and educators in a setting which demonstrates recommended practices is essential in the preparation and retention of professionals who work and will work with children and their families.

We believe that it is our responsibility and opportunity to value, nurture, and develop the potential within our human resources, including employees, volunteers, community partners and donors.

We believe that our human resources, including employees, volunteers, community partners and donors, are the essential element in providing an ever-evolving array of services to our community.

We believe in the responsible stewardship of those who invest their time and financial resources into helping us fulfill our mission.