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Referring Providers

A referral to our center is easier than ever!
Effective June 1st, 2016 patients can now be referred for medical diagnosis and assessment, speech , occupational or physical therapy assessment and psychology services using one form.  Click here to download the new SCDP referral form.

Medical: Children are referred to our center by their primary care physician or another subspecialist. Our referral process is designed to ensure that we receive all necessary information to provide an effective assessment. This form should be completed in its entirety, and then can be saved and uploaded to our HIPAA secure site OR Faxed to 423-490-7750. For complete instructions on saving and uploading this form, click here.  

Referral criteria:


  • Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Delay (including developmental concerns associated with prematurity and genetic disorders), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
              We believe that our strongest area of impact is for children with the above suspected or confirmed diagnoses, and these are the
              areas where the medical team will focus their time.

  • Learning and Cognitive Issues
             We believe that children with learning and cognitive issues are best served with psychometric testing and recommendations based on that            testing. Therefore these diagnoses will be served solely through our psychology services which are covered on a cash basis.

  • Challenging behavior (not associated with a diagnosis listed above)
            We believe that challenging behavior is initially best managed through behavior management training for the family. The Parent
            Empowerment Series is available to address this and listed below. 

Age: Up to 12 years of age (up to age 18 for psychology services)

Early intervention is vital to maximizing a child’s potential; therefore we will focus on this age group to maximize the impact of our resources.
** If an older child has a unique circumstance you may send the case to us by checking the “special consideration” box and providing justification for the request.  These requests will be evaluated by the physicians who will consider accepting the patient or providing advice on recommended services.

Therapy (OT, PT, Speech):  We accept therapy patients who are either through the medical referral process listed above or directly from their primary care physician.  

Behavioral Health Services: We accept patients for psychometric testing and the parent empowerment series directly from their primary care physician or other referring provider.  Please click here to refer these services.  

For additional information regarding our testing program, click here to view our flyer for physicians