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April 11-15, 2016

* Please note- We are no longer accepting applications for the 2016 training. 

The Routines-Based Model provides an answer to how to conduct effective home visits. The Home Visit Training Institute, is a 5-day professional-development event designed to provide participants with hands-on training in how to use routines-based early intervention for home visits. Components of this model are taken from the book Routines-Based Early Intervention, written by Robin McWilliam. 

This training is great for professionals who have the opportunity to train others to plan IFSP/IEPs
and home based services. Such professionals might include:
supervisors, technical assistance or in service
providers (including those working on CSPD for Part C
in their state), and faculty members. 

Training will include a combination of interactive workshops, demonstration videos, observation of actual home visits alongside a coach, practice with a simulated home visit and conducting a home visit with feedback from coach.

Participants will learn:

  • How to make the home visit family centered 
  • How to address functional child skills during the home visit 
  • How to use family consultation when addressing child skills
  • How to address family needs 
  • How keep routines as the context for child skills 
  • How to plan for the time between visits, when intervention actually occurs 
In addition, attendees will focus on mastering the key functions of a routines-based home visit including:
  • Using family consultation (instead of expert consultation)
  • Keeping discussion of child functioning centered on routines
  • Working with details of child functioning (EISR; “dig deeper”) 
  • Joint problem solving/solution finding rather than suggestions 
  • Hoosiers rule*
  • Using functional, family-chosen child- and family-level outcomes as the home-visiting agenda; 
  • Responding to families’ priorities of the day
  • Preparing families for parenting during the rest of the week
  • Helping families with parenting skills (reading, talking, playing, teaching, managing behavior)
  • Using informal and community supports to meet needs
  • Addressing family-level needs also with family consultation
  • Providing or ensure emotional support. Document what happened and what will happen and leave with family
  • Using routines-based assessment to help families choose 10-12 outcomes to be addressed on home visit 
  • Supporting families in all areas of child and family functioning, using additional “team members” as necessary
*created by R. McWilliam

Lead trainers/presenters will be  Institute Staff from the Home & Community-Based early intervention program

Amy Jenkins

Amy Jenkins is the Director of the Home & Community-Based Early Intervention program at Siskin Children's Institute. She has been certified in the Routines-Based Interview since 2010 and supervises one of the leading programs in the state of Tennessee. Amy provides training, consultation and technical assistance to agencies across Tennessee and in other states.


Deidra Love

Deidra Love serves children with challenging behaviors, autism and severe learning difficulties and their families by providing behavioral consultation to professionals including early interventionists, therapists and preschool/daycare teachers in the state of Tennessee. 

Plus, many of the early interventionists in the Home & Community-Based Early Intervention program at Siskin Children's Institute.